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Living Universe

  • An epic adventure in search of life

    Living Universe is an interstellar adventure in search of an exoplanet that supports complex life. We ask the greatest minds in the world: How do we get there? What will we find? And what will it mean—for society, religion, science, and humanity—when we see the first images proving we are not alone?

    Blast-off on humanity’s greatest voyage of discovery: the search for life on planets orbiting distant stars. Join Earth’s finest minds and their extraordinary spaceship on a journey to an alien world of sublime beauty, extreme environments and strange creatures as we explore Living Universe.

    This voyage of discovery has already started. Our brightest scientists and engineers are building robotic spaceships that will take us beyond our Solar System. Inspired and guided by our fast-expanding knowledge of far-off worlds, their quest is a search for proof of the existence of life beyond Earth. Life in all its bizarre and alien possibilities, from simple slimes to advanced civilizations.

    The voyage on the starship Minerva is brought to life in breathtaking CGI. Living Universe looks ahead to the epic journey we will make over the next century, while remaining solidly anchored in the latest science, and enlivened by the best minds in the fields of space exploration, planetary science and astrobiology.

    Featuring an incredible team of experts including NASA planetary explorers Gentry Lee and Steve Squyres, and exoplanet hunters—Sara Seager and Natalie Batalha.
  • Directors Alex Barry, Vincent Amouroux
    Writer Alex Barry
    Producers Aline Jacques, Christine LeGoff
    Executive Producers Chris Hilton, Manuel Catteau, Marcus Gillezeau

  • An Essential Media and Entertainment and ZED coproduction for Arte France,, ABC and UKTV’s Yesterday.
    Financed in association with Screen Australia, Create NSW and Two Dogs Post