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Search for Second Earth

  • 4 x 1 hr documentary series

    Search for Second Earth tells the story of an extraordinary odyssey, a scientific and human story that began 500 years ago with Copernicus and Galileo. And it takes us to the stars to answer the oldest human question - are we alone?

    This question, which for so long was chiefly a religious and philosophical one, has now become rational and scientific. If other inhabited planets exist, how can we detect them? How can we discover what flora, fauna, or even what kind of strange civilizations they may host? And above all, how do we get there?

    This documentary series offers the opportunity to make an as-yet impossible voyage to a planet five light years from Earth in search of life - a voyage that will also teach us about our own planet and the origins of life here. Could this living planet really be unique amongst the stars?
  • Directors Alex Barry, Vincent Amouroux
    Writer Alex Barry
    Producers Aline Jacques, Christine LeGoff
    Executive Producers Chris Hilton, Manuel Catteau, Marcus Gillezeau

  • An Essential Media and Entertainment and ZED coproduction for Arte France,, ABC and UKTV’s Yesterday.
    Financed in association with Screen Australia, Create NSW and Two Dogs Post